lördag 18 april 2009

The empire strikes back

It seems that the Battledroid Wanja together with Darth Tunhammar are going to destroy the evil General Elmehagen who they suspect now has fooled them and taken the rebels money instead of giving it to them.

General Elmehagen has being in command of the battlestar for over 10 years and was handpicked by Darth Tunhammar and was thought to be one of his closest allies.

Darth Tunhammar has a dark reputation of locking in employees when they perform independent actions. Will this fate happen to General Elmehagen too?

With this move, it is clearly shown that Battledroid Wanja almost has human intellectual capacity and will for sure survive until 2010 after which she will undergo selfdestruction since that is the year when the rebel army will have its final victory.

As again shown in real time, friendship doesnt count on the dark side or can it be a plot to fool the rebel army of blogs once again with a smoke screen?

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