måndag 6 april 2009

Wanja is a battledroid!

So we have now finally realized something that we have suspected a long time. Wanja is not a human being, she is a battledroid from the far far away galaxy. She has during the last weeks sustained more criticism than anybody from the LO castle ever have experienced before and still she stands up, stronger than ever.

This model IV, is a deceivingly one, since it has a stealth mode and can sneak in on the enemies. It prefers to sit on board meetings and just listen and sign papers. It can do that for years without anybody taking any notice. Suddenly it changes from stealth to full visibility and will without warning attack the no suspecting friends and allies.

Everybody has to stay alert since the droid has made public that its intentions is to visit ordinary workplaces and talk to people. If approached, just do smalltalk and never mention the steel legs or the weaponry under the clothes. This model is completely insensitive to critizism, so do not even try it!

At this moment we do not know if this is a single droid or if it is a coordinated attack! We suspect that a droid named Helle and one named Mona are part of the group. The Jedi warriors have organized themselves in blogg-swarms and are regrouping at the moment.

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  1. :-) :-) :-) Du är bra rolig du!!! :-) Riktigt bra påhittat måste jag säga.. Det kanske t.o.m. är SANT!! :-)

  2. Fan of StarWars, fan of Your thoughts, wow!

  3. Man vet inte om man ska skratta eller gråta när man sitter på en stubbe i skogen och åser händelseutvecklingen och i denna allvarliga kris som världen och Sverige befinner sig i och det enda våra ledare tänker på är att berika sig och sin egen makt. Ska bli intressant att se hur hon klarar av Umeå idag.